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The Farm Chronicles is a 


Quite a few years ago we started our grand transition, or rather, it developed a name: “The Family Farm”, and since that time the learning curve has frequently felt like trying to drink out of a fire hose. Consequently, it has been rather frustrating trying to share with others as we learn and grow. A typical conversation goes as follows: “I heard you make really great multigrain bread, could you get me the recipe?” “Ah, yes, well we learned about soaking grains and we revamped the bread recipe so that the nutrients are bioavailable, but now we’ve learned about traditional leavening and sourdough breads and haven’t perfected that yet (in fact we’ve only made one batch, but it was great). So I can give you the original recipe, give you soaking instructions or you can wait till we’ve figured out this new and most nutritionally dense option. Then again, maybe just check back next week as our menu options are very likely to change…”


It became increasingly apparent that we needed to develop some way of tracking all of our learning, if only to save poor innocents the hazards of asking us how we’re doing. Just last Saturday we were telling our neighbor about adding perennial beds to gardens and basic permaculture principles and he said, “I hope you’re documenting all of this.”


Now we can happily say, YES!


Enjoy the learnings and pardon the dust while we get everything up and going.


P.S. We’ve made a lot more than one batch of sourdough now and we love it!

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