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The earth needs animals because plants need animals and without plants and animals the earth is just locked up potential. life happens when a whole collection of different types of life interact in these great symbiotic exchanges of energy. Without soil life plant's can't grow, without animal life plants can't propagate or thrive, without either of these people don't thrive. Understanding how to build stronger synergistic relationships that unlock the life potential of the earth rather than extract and exploit it's resources is what animal husbandry is all about.

Principles and Strategies of Animal Husbandry

There are some basic principles that can really help us navigate the challenges that come when we add more independent life to our life. Without this foundation it's easy to get discourage, give up or resort to short run management strategies. With this foundation it's easier to align yourself with the power of nature, learn from your experiences, create new strategies and find the courage to keep going and try again when things get tough.

Animal Husbandry in Action

Along with the basic principles that help guild our interactions with animals there's a whole lot of practical know how that makes it possible. Do I want sheep or goats? How do I keep animals where I want them? Does my chicken have cancer? How do I manage a winter cow yard? For some questions it's just nice to learn from others.

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