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Grain Library

Here are a number of our favorite books, websites and tools for understanding and working with grains:

A note of caution: it can be challenging to do research on the proper uses and preparation methods for grains because there is a powerful and very logically convincing anti-grain and anti-gluten movement. As you learn, remember the Lord's very strong endorsement of grains in the Word of Wisdom, use that as your base and then seek for wisdom and understanding.

Books and Websites

Useful Tools

  • MyWeigh KD 7000 Kitchen Scale -- a really great functional scale for a very nice price.

  • Grainmaker Grain Mill -- This is where we got our mill. Very well-made and they have a lifetime warranty on their burs. They also make a grainroller.

  • Baking Stone -- A ½ inch stone is less likely to crack with the humidity of sourdough baking. We got ours from California Pizza Stones and have been very pleased.

  • Flour sifter -- Sifters are numbered according to wires per inch. Most wire mesh sieves are around 20, a 50 makes very fine flour. You can use geology classifiers as flour sifters or you can get wire mesh by the yard and make your own (we got 40 mesh with .oo65" diameter wire and stapled it to a box made of 1x4s).

  • Dehydrator -- There are many good options, but the Excalibur dehydrators are very good.

  • Juicer -- The Omega 8004 and 8006 models are reliable and easy to clean.

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