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Our go to resources for home education:



  • Math Inspirations -- A new way of thinking about and teaching math. Helps children (and adults) develop the ability to think math rather than simply do math.

  • Khan Academy -- The math courses on Khan Academy are very good and very fun.

  • Math Mammoth -- Great worksheets and tests.

  • Math Drills -- Fun math worksheets

  • HEV Project -- YouTube channel Fantastic abacus tutorials


  • Brave Writer -- Though we haven't worked intensely with Julie's curriculums yet, the concepts Julie Bogart works from are critically spot on and will revolutionize the way you think about writing and teaching writing.

  • The Writers Jungle by Julie Bogart -- A good foundational work to start with. It is a part of most of the other curriculums because it teaches concepts to parents.

  • Hooked on Phonics -- It may seem pretty simplistic, but most of us have used this method to get little readers going.

  • Starfall -- Fun internet program for reading and math. Can be addictive for little people.


  • Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer -- A narrative telling of history that really puts everything into great context. Read it aloud to your kids like any other book and then do further research together on various topics as they come up in the course of the story. There are corresponding activity books for every volume, but we've never used them.

  • Volume 1: Ancient Times

  • Volume 2: The Middle Ages

  • Volume 3: Early Modern Times

  • Volume 4: The Modern Age

  • Crash Course World History -- YouTube Channel with short videos about various times in history. Very fast and very fun. It makes you think about history in entirely new ways. We pop popcorn and watch these together and then talk about them afterwards.

  • Liberty's Kids -- Fun video series about the American Revolution.

  • Unlikely Heroes by Ron Carter -- Fantastic short stories about the American Revolution.

  • American Ride -- Very fun BYUTV program about geography and American history.


  • Khan Academy -- Free. Great courses on a variety of science topics.

  • Kamana for Kids by Bob Ripoley -- Nature connection course for children.

  • Life -- Episodes about various animal groups (i.e. birds, mammals, insects, etc.). BBC production.

  • Planet Earth -- Episodes about various ecosystems. BBC Production.

  • Interactive Biology -- Lots of videos on biology.

Arts and Humanities

  • Project Guttenberg -- Over 50,000 free ebooks. Books that are in the public domain made available free.

  • Simply Music -- A playing based music system that helps nourish natural musicality.

  • Khan Academy -- Courses on music and fine art.

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