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Helping With Lambing

Lambing is one of those seasons filled with a rich diversity of emotion. There's so much excitement and delight for all the new life, and at the same time you're exhausted from midnight checks on expecting mamas, anxious as you hold your breath watching them work through contractions and hope nothing goes wrong, worried you won't recognize it if something does "go wrong," nervous about what you'll do if you need to step in...

This was Lilly's first lambing, and her first little one started coming out head first instead of front hoofs first (the ideal presentation). Turns out that they can lamb on their own with a head first presentation: it just takes more work and may be really hard for a first timer to do. We know this because we had one of our older ewes do it this spring, but Lilly was before that experience, and it was her first lamb so Cherstin did some helping out. It took Lilly a bit for her mama instincts to kick in, but they did. Happy ending for everyone! Hope you enjoy the adventure.

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