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Third Day of Goat Milking

We got goats this year for a couple of reasons: first, we have this great hope that they will be delighted to eat some of the various types of sagebrush we have on our Peaceful Valley property; second, we thought we could milk them and help supplement our chicken and dog food; we also know there are folks interested in raw milk for whom a cow of any size is too large, and we wanted to have some experience with milking smaller dairy animals.

Now we have goats and those goats had kids, so now we can milk them. Two challenges: one, we've milked a lot of cows but not a lot of goats; and two, these goats have never been milked before. We're going through some learning curves in the training process and we've figured out some better methods, but here's how we started and what it looked like on day 3.

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