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Musings on Being a Good Neighbor

Five years ago we purchased 500 acres of land in Wyoming. It came with two windmills, so we had water and we figured some of the family would be moved up by the end of the summer. Last year we finally started building a barn and bunkhouse and did a couple of months of rotational grazing, but an early winter and the reality that it always takes longer to build things than you think it will meant that once again we needed to overwinter at the home ranch on our parents 2.5 acre rural community property where we grew up. Read, we're definitely sitting on the high end of the number of animals we can have and stay within the community covenants.

One of the things we became super aware of last year when we were grazing animals in Wyoming was the pretty intense coyote presence and our need for strong predator protection. So this spring, in preparation for our summer, we added a couple of Livestock Gardian Dogs (LGDs) to the animal mix so we could start integrating everyone. And ... well, we've had a lot of learnings. In hind sight, though introducing them down here where we have the ability to separate animals into smaller groups easily was great, we probably should have waited to get the LGDs until we were up on 500 acres. Take away: account for your operating environment (neighbors) in your decision making process.

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