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Hannah: the Goat Kid Eye Doctor

Hannah loves the goats and one day she came in concerned about little Carly's eye. It was drainy and mucusy and had a little cloudy spot developing, which reminded Hannah of Gus, one of our cats who has a cloudy eye and has trouble seeing. So we decided to try out a technique we used with a couple of the barn cats earlier this year when they got pink eye: silver water and Castor Oil.

Silver water is water with colloidal silver in it. The silver is an antibiotic and it's safe to put in sensitive areas, like eyes. We added some salt to the water so it was more like silver water saline: a lot more comfortable. Like a lot of old remedies, there are mixed opinions about it's effectiveness and safety, but we've found it useful and have used it to rinse the eye. You can buy Silver Water directly or you can acquire a silver water generator and make your own. The idea of using Castor Oil was something we stumbled upon when our pink eye episode erupted. We were in the process of packing to move up to Peaceful Valley, and happened to find a pamphlet with information on Castor Oil. It specifically mentioned its value in dealing with infections of the eye. Bingo! We found the technique effective for the cats and our little Carly.

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